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We're committed to leveling the playing field for baseball umpires, by providing educational opportunities, funding, community support, and additional information, but we can't do that alone. We rely on the generous support of our donors to fund our efforts. We're so grateful for their support.


We also want to highlight other organizations that promote and support women's participation in baseball.


All too often, the information that women, girls, and other underrepresented groups need in order to participate more fully is difficult to find, and spread across the internet. This is truly a grassroots, team effort. We fully believe that "if you see it, you can be it," and we are dedicated to helping more people "see it."

On this page, you'll find resources, including a comprehensive timeline of women in professional baseball umpiring, links to stories across the internet about women in various positions in baseball and other sports, a calendar of events highlighting opportunities for players and umpires alike, rules information, tips and tricks for making your uniform fit better, and links to camps and school.

We hope this helps you, or someone you love, see that becoming a baseball umpire IS possible. (And it's fun, too!)

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